Wood Chips, Large Chips, Long Lasting, Sweet Smokey Coffee Flavor

What sets ChefSmoke’s coffee wood chips apart from other cooking or smoking woods is their durability.


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Coffee wood is stronger and sturdier than teak. This allows the wood to burn slower and longer, releasing the flavors that have been trapped in it for years. While other woods are primarily used for smoking or cooking specific types of game, poultry, fish or meat, the versatility of coffee wood allows it to be utilized for a wide variety of dishes including vegetables. ChefSmoke’s coffee wood chips produce sweet, flowery, and fruity aromas that simply cannot be found in wood from other parts of the world. Our coffee wood is perfectly aged and dried outdoors in the natural elements for 12 months and then stored indoors to retain the ideal amount of moisture. This process results in the highest quality wood chips for even the most discerning palate of any professional, at-home chef or grilling connoisseur.